Recommended Watchguard Firecluster IP addresses

logo-smallSelect IP Addresses for Cluster Interfaces

We recommend you make a table with the network addresses you plan to use for the cluster interfaces and interface for management IP address. To avoid conflict with routeable IP addresses, we recommend you allocate a dedicated private subnet to each cluster interface, or use link-local IP addresses that begin with 169.254. If you use link-local IP addresses, you might find it useful to define your cluster interface IP addresses like this:

169.254.<interface number>.<member number>/24 

The FireCluster setup wizard asks you to configure these settings individually for each cluster member. If you plan the interfaces and IP addresses in advance, it is easier to configure these interfaces with the wizard. For example, your table could look something like this:

Interface # and IP addresses for a FireCluster
Interface # IP address for Member 1 IP address for Member 2
Primary cluster interface 5
Backup cluster interface 6
Management interface 1

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