Netscaler Bad performance

Today I looked into a Netscaler VPX Gateway with network issues.

Response was slow and users reported this error when connecting to Citrix backend servers:

“Failed with status 1110″ When Launching Desktops or Apps Through NetScaler Gateway”

I checked the eventlog on the vpx with: shell nsconmsg -K /var/nslog/newnslog -d event  and found a log full of these errors:

2546 245 PPE-0 UP; Last response: Success – Probe to STA server succeeded. Tue Oct 25 06:53:13 2016
2547 484 PPE-0 DOWN; Last response: Failure – TCP connection successful, but application timed out Tue Oct 25 07:01:19 2016

After looking around in the Systems menu I disabled Mac Based Forwarding and enabled TCP Window Scaling  as per CTX121149.

The network issued were gone and no more application time-out failures in the eventlog…

More about Mac Based Forwarding  here.



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